What does it cost to use votesUP?

Currently, we can offer events with up to 40 participants for free. For events exceeding that number, a paid limit increase is required. Dabei ist zu beachten, dass die gesamte Anzahl der Teilnehmerplätze in die Berechnung einfließt. This ensures that any changes to the free limit do not affect the costs for larger events.

Every event is different. Sometimes it requires a few trial votings, sometimes the participants are already very experienced. Sometimes only a few and quick votings/elections need to be conducted, sometimes votesUP is needed continuously and over several days at a conference. For us at votesUP, it is important that event organisers do not refrain from holding one or more voting rounds due to cost considerations. The democratic process of an event should be the focus, not the question of money!

Due to the wide range of usage needs, we do not have fixed prices for live events. Instead, we ask organisers to submit an offer based on the following guidance and a self-assessment.

The minimum contribution is € 20. Price already includes taxes.

Additional features for paid events: In paid events, the organisers can upload their individual event logo. Furthermore, they automatically receive increased storage capacity for file uploads. While in the free usage, you can only store up to three documents of 300 KB each for the participants, this capacity increases automatically to 5 MB per document with up to 50 files when using a limit increase. Additionally, an unlimited number of votings with photos/images can be conducted.

The participant slots can be prepared and edited from the moment the limit increas is activated. Sending personalised invitation emails is also possible already at that time. The preparation period is free of charge.

Email support is generally available free of charge within our capabilities.

Limit increases can be canceled free of charge until the day before the event starts.


Logo votesUP Live-Events

All features such as votings, speaker lists, agenda & presentation, and brainstorming rounds are available just as you need them. Since live events differ greatly, we kindly ask for a self-assessment between € 0.50 – € 1 per participant spot per day. votesUP wants to support volunteer and charitable engagement. Therefore, non-profit organisations and youth associations can generally calculate live events at a flat rate of 50 Euro-cents per participant spot per day.

For events that last until after midnight, no separate day will be charged, but the end time needs be correctly entered into the system.

For events lasting less than three hours, the contribution fee decreases to 40 cents per participant spot.


Logo votesUP Digital absentee votings

When used for “digital absentee voting”, the costs are not incurred on a daily basis, but for the entire duration. Financially, we make no difference whether a voing lasts only a few days or several weeks. Multiple votings/elections can also be open concurrently.

With this kind of limit increase, up to one quarter of the participants can be online simultaneously (minimum of 40), from 5000 participants onwards one fifth are allowed in parallel.

  • up to 999 participants: 0,25 € per person (pre-registered quota)
  • 1,000 or more: 0.20 € per person (quota)
  • 2,500 or more: 0.18 € per person (quota)
  • 5,000 or more: 0.15 € per person (quota)
  • 10,000 or more: 0.12 € per person (quota)


Logo votesUP Standby service

If organisers want to have quick access to support in case of urgent issues, a telephone on-call service can be arranged with us. Authorised caller numbers must be communicated in advance.

For on-call duty, we charge € 43.-- per agreed hour. Billing is done in increments of fifteen minutes.


Logo votesUP Direct support and trainings

We offer live support for € 86.-- per hour. This encompasses e.g. a chat-based support in video conferences or a direct support for the hosting persons (a votesUP team member may operate the votings as requested by the organisers).

We also offer online training and individual consultations. These can be requested directly from us. Two hours should be scheduled for a comprehensive votesUP training session.

Unless otherwise agreed, the video conferencing system of the requesting organisation will be used.


If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our team at support@votesup.eu.


Last update: April 2024