Terms Of Use

votesUP (votesup.eu) wants to provide a helpful and secure environment for all users to conduct online votes and conferences. To ensure safety and security on the platform, a few things need to be agreed upon by all users:

1) Availability: votesUP is made available within our possibilities. votesUP supports events with several hundred participants. You can create new events with up to 40 participants at any time and use them immediately. There is no guarantee for the permanent availability of the entire system or individual functions. If the operational safety of votesup.eu is endangered by excessive use, the operator can take measures without warning. This may include restricting the functionality or a deactivation of the system.
If you plan events with more than 30 participants, we encourage you to submit the concrete dates/hours in our resource planner. For events with more than 50 participants, scheduling is mandatory.

2) Confidentiality: Content such as voting results or chats are kept confidential and will not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties. By default, the operator does not monitor the content of any events. However, server administrators may inadvertently gain access to content during technical maintenance.

3) Responsibility: The creation and content filling of individual events is the sole responsibility of the organisers of these events. We as the operator of the platform have no influence on this. The organisers of individual events are also responsible for ensuring that no illegal content is posted or that the system is not misused. As operators, we reserve the right to remove problematic content as soon as we have become aware of it.

4) Data processing: The creators of an event are responsible regarding data privacy regulations with respect to their participants (e.g. if someone requests a deletion of their account). In such situations votesUP acts only in the role of the processor.

5) Liability: Creators guarantee that they will not publish any content that violates applicable laws. Publishing illegal content may result in criminal prosecution.

6) Deletion periods: Events whose organisers do not confirm their e-mail address will be automatically deleted after three days. If an event is inactive for 90 days, it will be automatically deleted.

7) Use of data: votesUP will process email addresses or other personal data only for the specific event and its related functionality (e.g. password reset notifications or summaries of voting results, when requested by a participant), or to communicate important changes for the platform itself (e.g. downtime for maintenance). Personal data will not be shared with third parties, unless required by law or court order. Event organisers should not use participants' data for purposes other than those agreed.

8) Costs: The basic functionality of votesup.eu is free of charge until further notice. Limit increases at the request of organisers may entail costs, on which a joint agreement has to be reached. A voluntary contribution to the costs of server operation and further development is welcome. Specific capacities can be agreed within the framework of a partner agreement. (More information »)
We do not currently plan to display commercial ads; however, this measure may be taken in the future to cover costs.

9) Compatibility with user devices: votesUP is developed with common user devices in mind. An opportunity for evaluation is provided at all times via the free contingents. If individual devices are not compatible with the system due to their specification, this does not result in a claim for reduced fulfilment, even for chargeable events.

10) Exclusion from use: In In case of misuse, we reserve the right to block individual events or to exclude users from votesUP altogether. Misuse is, for example, when events repeatedly send out obviously erroneous e-mails, users try to circumvent the cost barrier of free events by duplicating or the security of the system is endangered. The exclusion may be permanent.

11) Updates: We may update the Terms of Use at any time if new policies are deemed necessary. However, we guarantee that data collected from use will never be shared (sold) for the purpose of monetisation.


There is the possibility to contribute to the further development of votesUP. Additional functionality can be requested from us if desired. However, depending on the scope of the request, there may be additional costs for which the requestor will have to place an order.

We welcome feedback. However, we may not be able to answer every question or fulfil every request. If necessary, we reserve the right, by prior arrangement, to charge for the time and effort involved in responding to very extensive enquiries.


(Version: 23rd June 2024)